Fort Sill soldier becomes a hero

FORT SILL, Okla._During a live grenade training exercise, one grenade didn't quite make it over the wall but thanks to the quick reactions of one instructor, no one was hurt.

Staff Sgt. Jon King credits what he did to just doing his job, but a live grenade changes things, especially when it's only a couple of feet away from you and a soldier. After the safety pin is pulled and the lever released you have about six seconds till a deadly explosion.

"My only option was to get the grenade and so I went for the grenade and threw it out of the pit as soon as I could get it out," explained Staff Sgt. King.

Basic trainees are taught to throw the grenade as far as they can past the pit on target, but on Monday, the unthinkable happened.

"On the ground, there was six seconds. There was really no thought progress. All I was thinking about was that grenade," said Staff Sgt. King.

And to add to the stress of the situation, the basic trainee didn't exit the pit like he was taught to.

"Once I reached for the grenade, it hit my foot, bounced behind me between my legs, at the point in time I realized that the soldier was still on the ground, laying flat on the ground and I couldn't get him out," recalled Staff Sgt. King.

"My biggest concern was that the soldier was in the pit and I was still in the pit," leaving him wasn't an option for Staff Sgt. King.

"Me exiting the pit, leaving him there, would have been probably more of an issue to me than actually not trying. Well, what if I could have gotten to the grenade? So I just went for the grenade," said Staff Sgt. King.

With hardly a second to spare, he grabbed the live grenade and saved both of them. This was a lesson that neither the soldier nor the instructor will soon forget. The last grenade incident was four years ago and no one was hurt in that incident either.

While he waits to see the status of the Soldier's Medal, Staff Sgt. King will be awarded with an Interim Army Commendation Medal for his actions.