Satanic Temple unveils mold for Oklahoma monument

Courtesy of Vice
Courtesy of Vice

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y._Earlier this year a sketch was unveiled for a satanic monument meant for the Oklahoma capitol.

The artist in charge of bringing the sketch to life and recently finished the mold that will be used for the final product. Once finished, the statue will be cast in bronze and installed at the Oklahoma capitol. Funding for the statue came through an online campaign where they raised more than expected.

Funding for the satanic monument came after the Ten Commandments statue was installed at the capitol using private donations. The New York-based satanic temple behind the push for the monument says "if the capitol can have a Christian statue, it can have a satanic one too."

They're suing for the right to install the monument and if they lose and the monument is removed they may try to install it in Texas instead.