Fort Sill residents enjoy new community center

Fort Sill residents enjoy new community center

FORT SILL, Okla._Summer just got a little bit better for families living on Fort Sill as the Old Cavalry Post Community Center opened its doors with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

A fitness center, a full kitchen with a meeting area and a large swimming pool in the back are all features of the 6,800 square foot facility.

Corvias Military Living, the company which built the center, took advice from several military families, including those with handicapped children, to design a place where all kids can play.

Ryan O'Berry, 10, loves what the center has to offer for his handicapped brother Dylan.

"Well, all I know is that it is capable for my brother and there are a lot more things in here," said Ryan.

"Well I am not the only one on post that has a handicapped child, so it will benefit more than us, there is plenty of us on this post," said Katie O'Berry.

The benefits are nearly endless with an Olympic sized pool that features a beach entry play area and lap lanes. Other club features include a pool table, made from a 1965 mustang, and a wall-sized map of the United States. The clubroom is decorated in a travel theme which suits the community center's motto, 'Home is where the Army sends us.'

"To see what it's like inside is just overwhelming," said Maj. Sean O'Berry.

There's also the state-of-the-art fitness center which has an adjacent kids play room in case you have to bring your children to your workout.

Colonel Glenn Waters says it's about making life easier for military families and providing them with the five star treatment they deserve.

"It definitely shows our concern for our families by providing high end services, and it also demonstrates that Corvias Military Living is paying attention to the desire and needs of what they are asked to provide for us and they really produce great here with this top end facility," said Col. Waters.

Families were left completely impressed and ready to enjoy the new center.

"It demonstrates respect and it demonstrates care. People don't care what you know, until they know how much you care," said Maj. Sean O'Berry.

Fort Sill officials says that safety needs to be a concern, it's summer which means there will be lots of kids going to that center. If you are driving in the area, officials want you to slow down and watch for children and parents crossing the road.

If you live off post, or are a retiree, you are not authorized to use the community center. Fort Sill officials want to stress that the facility is only for those that live on post.