Poker Run raises funds for VA Center MWR fund

LAWTON, Okla­_ A local motorcycle club took to the road to help out our local veterans.

The Vietnam Vets/Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club had a poker run to raise money for the Lawton Fort Sill Veterans Center.

The money raised will help with the morale, welfare and recreation fund for the veterans.

Motorcycle club president, Boo Boo, says they prepared for up to 400 riders Saturday. He says there's not a better group of people to give back too.

"They're the reason we are still free, you know. All of the veterans that are fighting today, all the past veterans we got to take care of them, they took care of us," Boo Boo said.

Not only were they able to raise money for the VA, but also able to spend time talking to vets and give them free shirts and hats.