Protestor hands out books near Duncan Middle School

Protestor hands out books near Duncan Middle School

DUNCAN, Okla._Several parents are outraged after an alleged member of the American Atheist Organization handed out books Wednesday, and shouted messages from across the street to students at Duncan Middle School.

"I was going into the school when I heard someone yelling across the street, they were screaming God's not real and Satan is the best," said Shakeeia Colberson, a student at Duncan Middle School.

School administrators verified that a man, parked in his car, was handing out books to students Wednesday. The person was not on school property and he left once administrators arrived. However, a local attorney, whose child attends the school, says the organization had no business distributing the books that were never intended for children.

"There were obscene sexual graphic images, I looked up this book after meeting with the assistant principal at the middle school and found on amazon that not only do they have an advisory for this book not being for kids they even say it is inappropriate for some adults because of the explicit nature of the information and pictures in the book," said Brandon Link, attorney and parent.

Link believes the books were handed out in retribution after one of the school's teachers offered bibles to students who wanted them. The book in question is "The Awkward Moments Not Found in your Average Children's Bible, Volumes 1 and 2." He also said a pamphlet outlining atheist beliefs was handed out.

Most of the students refused the material, but a few gave them to principals and teachers.

The district released the following statement on the incident:

"Our position on the distribution of materials remains consistent. We request that any distribution of materials from outside organizations, religious or otherwise, be sent to our central office. However, today's incident happened off school property and without our consent."

Awkward Moments had this to say about their reasoning:

"In response to a letter sent to public school superintendents by Oklahoma's Attorney General regarding the constitutional acceptability of Bible distribution on public school grounds (after an uproar over a third grade teacher handing out Bibles to her students in class), we sent a few copies of our books to support the organizations who were protesting the state's legal position. A few groups planned on handing out Bibles before and after school today. As somewhat expected, things didn't go as planned. We began been receiving reports that within an hour of one protester standing across the street (off campus) from a public middle school to hand out these Bibles, parents were being notified via a few online groups, and, well… they were pretty unhappy."