Comanche Nation sets up rescue shelter for flood victims

Comanche Nation sets up rescue shelter for flood victims

CACHE, Okla._As hundreds of families across southwest Oklahoma continue to recover from flood damage, several local organizations are teaming up to residents in need.

Comanche Nation Emergency Management, the Lawton Chapter of the Red Cross, and Salvation Army have been handing out cleaning kits and food boxes this week to those affected by the floods. The rescue shelter is staged in Cache, at the Comanche Nation Cahoma Community building, where over 200 people have already come for help.

"We have cots here and whenever they needed to take a nap or sleep overnight or just get res, a lot of people are cleaning their houses and they can't rest there, so they are coming here to take naps, get a meal, we have showers, wash their clothes and get ready to do more cleaning or whatever they need to do to get back on their feet, said Jolene Schonchin, Comanche Nation Emergency Public Information Officer."

For the past week organizers have been providing help 24-hours a day--providing anyone who was affected by the recent floods the help they need. There, victims can eat, sleep and even wash their clothes. All services, organizers say they're happy to provide.

"The reaction we are getting from the people at this time is very overwhelming and it's emotional for both us as the people that are giving help and those that are receiving help, there have been a lot of tears shed a lot of overjoyness because they need help."

This weekend, volunteers say they are cutting back their hours of operation as the need for help lessens. The shelter will be open Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to

6:00 p.m. But if you are still in need of help you can contact the Comanche Emergency Management hotline at (580) 492-3628