'Minecraft Mondays' gives kids something fun to do

'Minecraft Mondays' gives kids something fun to do

DUNCAN, Okla._The Duncan Public Library has added "Minecraft Mondays" to their list of things for kids to do this summer.

The game is for kids ranging from ages seven to 17. It's targeted to make math and science more interesting. The game allows kids to use their own imaginations along with digital technology to create their own projects.

The kids really enjoy the game because there are not any rules. They are able to create their own worlds. Library officials also say it helps them when it comes to critical thinking skills.

Minecraft Mondays kicked off at the Duncan Public Library with a full house. Between the three 55-minute sessions, 18 kids were signed up to play the game. Cooper Eubanks was one of them and this is not his first time at Minecraft.

"One time, me and my cousin built a pumpkin house. We got tons of pumpkin seeds and made a tiny pumpkin farm and just every time we got a pumpkin another pumpkin grew," said Eubanks.

It's not only homes that can be built. Kids can also create anything that their imaginations may bring them to. The game is part of the STEM program the library is joining to increase kids' interest in science, technology, engineering and math. Library director Jan Cole says she hopes the game will do just that.

"I saw that it was open ended, it developed critical thinking skills, the kids could work in teams or separately, it was different levels. I really liked what I saw, and saw that a lot of schools were using Minecraft," explained Cole.

Casey Booth is a parent who brought her son and daughter in to play after researching the game's impact.

"I actually read an article about how Minecraft is helping to make jobs that haven't even been created yet, so maybe a job for the future, Minecraft is helping them prepare for," said Booth.

Eubanks says he is going to stick with building his pumpkin house because they also come with a special treat.

"Whenever you get hurt on survival, and if you barely have any health, pumpkin pie will give you a lot of health," explained Eubanks.

The library says they will continue with Minecraft Mondays throughout the school year as well. They say with the popularity of the game, they are already looking into adding more computers with the game.

The library received a $9,300 grant from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries that helped buy six new computers and a few copies of Minecraft.