Special agent goes over evidence in Woodard trial

Special agent goes over evidence in Woodard trial

HOBART, Okla._The jury in the Sandra Woodard murder trial saw several graphic pictures of the crime scene Tuesday as prosecutors try to prove the killing was not an accident.

Woodard is charged with the shooting death of her boyfriend, Harley Moody, at a home in Lone Wolf January 2014.

A special agent from OSBI took the stand and went through pictures of the crime scene for the jury. Those pictures included bullet holes in the bathroom, which also went through the living room wall on the other side of the house. He also showed the shell casings in the bathroom, the gun in the tub and blood splatters on cabinets and walls.

It's part of the state's attempt to challenge Woodard's alibi, in which she claims the shooting was an accident that occurred during a role play sex game. The state also called investigators to the stand, who testified about texts and emails the two had exchanged a few months before the killing while the two were going through a slight separation period in their relationship.

Among the information found in emails from Woodard, they contained phrases such as "don't send the kids back" and "we can figure this out." The investigator said that was written about the time Moody had moved out in late October. Investigators also pointed out texts from Woodard in which she acknowledged that both of them had trust issues.

It was also revealed during testimony today that Woodard had spent hours going through the computers at Moody's radio station during that brief period of separation in the weeks before his death. That information followed Monday's testimony from Moody's father, who said Harley had told him Sandra could be jealous at times.

Tuesday's testimony wrapped up around 5:00 p.m. They'll resume testimony at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday.