High schooler's artwork goes viral

High schooler's artwork goes viral

ALTUS, Okla._The work of an Altus High School senior has taken social media by storm.

Chance Bara was asked by his art teacher to paint a mural of the school's mascot for last week's homecoming parade. He took the idea a step further by incorporating the 14th anniversary of 9/11.

The pictures posted of his work have been shared on Facebook over 1000 times, and the posts to our page alone have over 3000 likes.

Chance Bara said he draws every opportunity he gets.

"It's a big stress reliever. Even if I don't have much stress going on in my life. I just love doing it," Bara said.

So when his teacher asked him to work on a piece for the homecoming parade, he said the task seemed daunting at first, but he took the bull by the horns and made it his own.

"When they gave it to me it looked more like a biker, so I took off the nose ring and made it a little bit more me. We put the remember 9/11 because that was a tragic day and of course out homecoming game was on 9/11 so we wanted to incorporate that with the picture."

Bara's mom couldn't be more proud, and said his artwork is one of a kind.

"Everything he's done since he was a little kid, everything he does, it's just, you see his heart in it," his mom, Teka Henry, said.

Amanda Davis taught Bara in middle school, and said even then, he was focused on his art.

"There were several times we had to say, 'okay chance, you need to get your library book out. I know you like that car, it looks great and I'll hang it on the wall, but I need you to read right now," Davis recalled.

After graduation, Bara is looking to go to school for architecture or graphic design.

"Architects make a little bit more money so I want to shoot for that, but if not then I want to become a graphic designer," Bara said.

And Bara's art teacher Michael Snyder said his artistic-style is perfect for those career plans.

"He's got a very meticulous style. He's very picky about things. Sometimes, I have to tell him 'just let it go. You have to let something's go.' But, I think as far as for architecture that's ideal, and also graphic design," Snyder said.

Anytime he does a piece that's put on display, or just a doodle on a napkin at dinner for his mom, Bara said he is motivated by the appreciation for his work.

I hope it makes them happy, and I hope they like it."

So when asked about the homecoming mural and the out-pour on social media, he was speechless.

"I've never had anything like that. I don't know how to put it in words."

Bara comes from a Boomer Sooner household so when he broke the news to his mom that he wanted attend OSU, it took her a moment to accept the news. However, it blew over better when he told her they have the best architecture school in Oklahoma.

Each class at Altus High entered a float into the homecoming parade contest. Bara's masterpiece won first place by a large margin.