Collision with semi-truck may have been life-saving

Collision with semi-truck may have been life-saving

LAWTON, Okla._A mother of two toddlers is thankful after a blowout on the turnpike led to what may have been a life-saving collision with a semi-truck.

It happened Tuesday afternoon near the Medicine Park exit on I-44. Jessica Blanchard was on her way to visit family in Hollis and says she was going just under 75 mph when all of a sudden, the front tire on the driver side blew out and she lost control of her car.

"I was scared, worried about my children, worried if my car was going to flip, worried if they were going to die," Blanchard said.

In the car were Blanchard's two children, her 9-month-old baby boy and her 2-year-old daughter. They were the only thing on her mind.

"My children were my main concern. I was afraid for their lives and mine, and I scared them to death, I know I did," Blanchard said.

Troopers on the scene say once Blanchard lost control, she accidentally swerved into a semi-truck in the right lane. The impact slowed her down enough that she was able to safely stop on the shoulder. Blanchard said if that truck hadn't been there, she likely would have gone off the road into a steep ditch.

"It was almost the speed limit and my car would have flipped as fast as I was going," Blanchard said.

After they stopped, Blanchard got her children and girlfriend out of the car, which was smoking and eventually caught fire. Blanchard says their lives are irreplaceable and she can only think of one way to feel.

"I feel blessed, I feel very blessed my children are okay and my girlfriend is okay," Blanchard said.