Keeping creepy crawlers out of your home

Keeping creepy crawlers out of your home

LAWTON, Okla._We head inside when it gets colder, and so do spiders and insects.

Pest control specialists say fighting Oklahoma's insects is a battle that spans all seasons of the year. It's just more noticeable now since we spend more time indoors, and contact with them is more frequent.

Sealing up cracks in windows and doors is one way to prevent area pests from getting in, along with routinely making sure to take the garbage out and to keep trashcans sealed.

Pest control specialist Jared Pollard says we tend to notice insects and spiders more in the fall because they are coming inside to look for food and shelter.

"Most insects are good, but then again you have a lot of the bad ones. So, it is just that people don't want them around their house when you have young children and everything like that," Pollard said.

Pollard says one of the easy fixes for pest prevention is simply keeping the edges of your home free of debris.

"Harborage areas, you know like foliage, leaves around your house…keep it raked up. Keep wood piles away from your house and set them up on metal stands, so that way you can keep termites away from your house because if you leave wood exposed on to the ground that's one way they are going to get into your wood and they can get access into your house," Pollard said.

Pollard says you will see jumping spiders and wolf spiders, but the ones you really need to watch out for are brown recluses.

"They like to harbor inside of houses. They really don't nest or do anything on the outside. They stay close to houses inside your walls," Pollard explained.

Pollard says the weather we have at the end of the year could determine the pest problems that we will experience in 2016.

"If it stays like it has been, there really won't be much of the population dying off. And going into the summer, you are going to have bigger issues because the population didn't die down and they are going to be reproducing faster than normal," Pollard said.

Other pests, like millipedes, are more active during the summer, but are still being seen because of the mild fall weather.