2 young children improve their mobility with AmTrykes

2 young children improve their mobility with AmTrykes

LAWTON, Okla._Two young Lawton boys received special bikes that will improve their livelihood and their family's as well.

The Great Plains Ambucs presented brand new AmTrykes to 2-year-old Josiah and 6- year-old Wyatt. Ambucs is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

Each AmTryke is custom-made and designed to meet the needs of the individual's disability. The bikes assist those who don't have full cognitive awareness or mobility. It also allows them to be active and use muscles they normally wouldn't be able to use.

Josiah was born with cerebral palsy and Wyatt was born with a brain tumor. Monday was the first time they were able to ride their bikes outside of physical therapy.

Wyatt's father, Shannon Thompson, watched with pride as his son gave the AmTryke a test ride. He said Wyatt's surgery to treat the tumor left a lot of damage.

"That has led to his inability to do things that are easy for a normal child, which requires, you know, move your arms and legs at the same time. He's working on that. He is just not there yet, so a bike like this gives him the opportunity to continue that progression with the necessary tools," Thompson said.

Travis McBride, the president of the Great Plains Ambucs, says the program has helped the Thompson family receive physical therapy. With the help of his new wheels, he will be able to play just like any other kid.

"They can't get on a normal bicycle, but they can get in this and ride around the neighborhood," McBride said.

Thompson also says this bike not only helps Wyatt, but their whole family.

"It's something that allows the family to keep growing and to be a family. We try really hard with the three kids that we got. It's really hard to make sure that we do things that are inclusive, so somebody is going to lose if Wyatt can't do something. Either the whole family doesn't do it, or we leave Wyatt out of it and that's hard because we don't want our other two kids to miss out on things or experiences. We don't want Wyatt to miss out either," Thompson said.

Ambucs says they have donated a handful of AmTrykes to local families this year.

Ambucs also makes bikes for Wounded Warriors, as well as other disabled adults and kids of all ages. If you are interested in the program, or would like to donate, the group meets every Monday at noon at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lawton.