Duncan High School student in custody after hit list discovery

Duncan High School student in custody after hit list discovery

DUNCAN, Okla._A Duncan teenager is in trouble with the law over a hit list she wrote was discovered on social media. The 15-year-old Duncan High School student is charged with one felony count of planning to perform an act of violence.  A student turned the hit list in to the school officials after finding it last Wednesday. The list was handed over to the Duncan Police, and the girl was taken in for questioning. She was later charged and, remains in custody of Juvenile Justice Authorities.

A member of the teen's family reached out to us at 7NEWS. The identity of that family member is concealed to protect the identity of the student.

He wanted to defend her, saying that people have been calling her a terrorist when she would never try to hurt anyone.

"When I talked to her about the list she said, 'I was just venting. I didn't do nothing wrong. I was just venting on paper,'" said the family member.

He says she was being teased about the way she looked, and that she was told to write down what she was feeling.

When he spoke with her he says she was upset, and couldn't understand why her list alarmed so many people.

"[She] cried all day, cried all day," said the family member. "She don't understand. So like I said I'm still right now floored that this is happening."

Duncan Police Lieutenant John Byers says there are more than 20 students and school faculty on that list.

"In part of it she said it was a list of people she didn't like," said Lt. Byers. "She didn't know what to name it so she wrote hit list at the top."

School officials notified everyone on the list, which included check marks by some of the names.  Lt. Byers said the girl told him that meant the teen knew where they lived, which worried some of those on it.

"There was one that had concerns their daughter was on the list and they have had some previous encounters with the individual student," said Lt. Byers.

The teen's family member says he was surprised to see some people that even he knew on the list.

"Everybody I've talked to that she told me was on the list is just floored that this is happening, that this is amazing that this is happening," said the family member.

He says she would not hurt anyone, and didn't have the means to harm anyone on the list. As the investigation continues, he hopes that they will drop the charges against her.