Oklahoma Highway Patrol talks about winter road conditions

Oklahoma Highway Patrol talks about winter road conditions

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Old man winter is knocking at the door with ice and snow for the first time this month, since the start of winter.

Many of you may be planning to drive home, after being away for the holidays. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper John Toombs says that driving the proper speed for the road conditions can assist in preventing accidents on slick roads.

"We have had multiple crashes, just today where you know roadways were blocked and things of that nature, which not only endangers those who are driving too fast and breaking the law, but also those who are doing what they can to be safe and protect themselves and their families," he said.

Toombs says he doesn't want drivers to forget other important driving practices.

"It depends on how far you can see and of course the road conditions, but just always be confident that you can stop before you get to an obstacle," he said.

Trooper Toombs says just in case you get stranded on the side of the road it's important to remember your emergency roadside kit containing things, like bottled water and other supplies.

"I would say it wouldn't hurt to have some blankets in the car and to probably start every trip with a full tank of gas," he said.

Toombs says he wants to remind drivers that law enforcement is always there to make sure drivers stay safe when, they take to the roads.

"No matter the weather you know pay attention and drive safe that's what we are out here to help people to remember to do," he said.

You can check road conditions by calling these highway conditions hotlines.

For Oklahoma road conditions call 1-888-425-2385. For Texas the number is 800-452-9292.

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