Power company workers treated to well deserved feast

Power company workers treated to well deserved feast

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)_In Lawton's Great Plains Coliseum about 250 power company workers including linemen, electricians, and tree trimmers were treated to a huge feast.

The workers came in waves Wednesday. For many, they've spent 16-hour shifts in the field, working to repair power poles, and lines in the bone-chilling cold. PSO's Aaron Russell says all the workers are grateful for the community's patience and kindness.

""It means a lot because working in the conditions they're working in with the winds, the weather, the ice, this gives them a sit opportunity down and relax for just a little bit enjoy some hot food. We are very appreciative of the conditions they make for our crews especially for the crews that are traveling long distances," said PSO spokesman Aaron Russell.

The coliseum is also being used as a staging area for the trucks. The crewmen are bussed to their hotels each night.

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