Boy refuses to give up at WTRC

Boy refuses to give up at WTRC

ABILENE, TX (KSWO) –The West Texas Rehab Center does some incredible work, and one of their young patients refuses to let anything stand in his way.

Keila Bearden has been working with Isaac Tait since he was eight weeks old. Now at 8 years old, Isaac and Keila are more like family. Keila and Isaac's mother, Rachel, even share a special bond.

"We've been pregnant at the same time," Bearden said. "So, it's a lot of fun."

For the last four years, Isaac has gone to the West Texas Rehab Center to do something that was once deemed improbable…walking.

"He's come a long way. We worked on all his regular milestones, crawling, pulling to stand," Bearden said.

For Isaac, those were not easy. He was born with spina bifida and bilateral, meaning clubfeet. Both his feet curved inward.

Isaac used to be crutch bound, but now he can walk on his own for a lot longer, and even plays for his community's baseball team.

"Now, we wants to try some golf so mom just got him some clubs," Bearden said.

Once a week for an hour, Isaac works with Keila. They practice walking up and down the hall, and going backwards and sidestepping.

Sometimes, he gets to throw toys into a bin to work on his core strength. The hope is that Isaac will regain full control of both his legs.

Isaac's had about eight surgeries.

With a family of 12, Rachel Tait says paying for medical bills can be a burden, but thanks to the West Texas Rehab Center, Isaac can get the treatment he needs…no matter the cost.

"It means so much as a therapist to know that I don't have to tell that family, 'I'm sorry your kid can't be seen.' Or, 'I'm sorry you're kid isn't going to get the help they need because of insurance,'" Bearden said.

The West Texas Rehab Center is holding their 46th annual telethon Saturday, Jan. 16. You can watch it on KSWO from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m., and from 10:30 p.m. until midnight.

If you'd like to make a pledge, you can call 1-877-437-3120 during the telethon.

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