Temple residents receive smoke detectors

Temple residents receive smoke detectors

TEMPLE, OK (KSWO) -Dozens of residents in Temple are now safer thanks to life-saving devices that were installed in their homes Saturday.

It's all part of the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign put on by the Red Cross and local emergency personnel to make sure every home is equipped with at least one working smoke detector.

Homeowner Roger Abbey is one of 67 residents who received smoke detectors Saturday.

"Stuff like that really saves lives so it means a lot," said Abbey.

Abbey says he's never experienced a house fire before, but knows these two brand-new smoke detectors are worth much more than the time it takes to install them.

"It just makes everything safer. We have got little ones and we have got older ones it's just good to have," said Abbey.

Temple Fire Chief Chris Medcalf went over personalized emergency evacuation plans and wrote them down for each resident. From his 25 years of experience, Medcalf says he knows that even having just one working smoke detector can save lives.

"That gives you a 50-percent chance getting on out of there. That gives you an earlier chance to get a hold of the fire department to where we can be there," said Medcalf.

Medcalf says he is just happy for the opportunity to give residents some peace of mind and to remind them that the fire department is always there to lend a helping hand.

"To where they know that they can call us at anytime. We have a good relationship with them and they are free to call the fire department anytime if they need us," said Medcalf.

In all the volunteers were able to install or replace more than 100 smoke detectors in the town of Temple Saturday.

The Red Cross Home Fire Preparedness Campaign started nationwide in October of 2014. The campaign aims to reduce the number of home fire deaths and injuries by as much as 25% in the next five years according to the Red Cross.

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