Stolen car found thanks to tip

Stolen car found thanks to tip

MEDICINE PARK, OK (KSWO) -A man accused of stealing a car in Elgin is behind bars thanks to the combined efforts of two area law agencies and a simple tip from someone who saw something that didn't look right.

Medicine Park police say a resident showed up to the department Wednesday morning to report a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood. The tipster took down the plate number and handed it to Police Chief Tom Adrahtas. Chief Adrahtas recognized the plates as soon as he saw it because all law enforcement departments were alerted to be on the lookout for the stolen vehicle.

"It all rang a bell to me right then, so I told her I would check the area and I went over to the area where the vehicle was last seen. I observed a vehicle parked next to the residence kind of tucked in the back," Chief Adrahtas said.

Chief Adrahtas said he immediately contacted the Comanche County Sheriff's Department to let them know about the break in the case.

"Four or five deputies came out. We went ahead and approached the residents and we went into the gate and approached the vehicle and there was the suspect sitting in the driver seat kind of passed out," Chief Adrahtas explained.

The suspect was said to be under the influence, but was able to unlock the gate and drive in the backyard and park right next to a grill.

"Me and the detective went ahead and woke the suspect up and had him get out the vehicle where he was placed under arrest," Chief Adrahtas explained.

That wasn't the only time the Comanche County Sheriff's Department and the Medicine Park Police Department had to tag team this suspect.

When the Comanche County Sheriff's Department began to drive the suspect from Medicine Park to the jail in Lawton, he began to act erratically. So, the sheriff's deputy put out a call for help.

"The suspect started banging his head against the passenger window against the back seat, so I went up and left the scene to assist the deputy and another deputy came and assisted and we ended up restraining him further. And me and the other deputy followed him into Lawton into the Lawton jail," Chief Adrahtas explained.

With the suspect finally behind bars, Chief Adrahtas wants to encourage more people to step up and report things they feel is suspicious.

"If more people would do that it would help out law enforcement a lot. We would have never found that vehicle were it was located without the tip," Chief Adrahtas said.

The vehicle has been returned to the owner in Elgin. The suspect is currently being held at the Comanche County Detention Center.

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