Eyewitness testifies in 2014 motel murder

Eyewitness testifies in 2014 motel murder
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -An eyewitness to a murder and forensic experts took the stand in the first day of testimony in the Robert Long murder trial in Lawton.

Long is accused of killing 59-year-old Johnny Allen during a robbery at his motel room in March 2014. Allen, a truck driver from Hugo, Oklahoma, was in Lawton on a business trip when a masked man entered the motel room Allen was sharing with his colleague, armed and threatened to shoot. Police say Long shot Allen several times while attempting rob to them, leaving Allen dead and his roommate unharmed.

A pair of orange and blue Nike sneakers were introduced as the shoes the defendant allegedly wore during the robbery and homicide. Several forensic experts testified that the blood and DNA found on the shoes belonged to Allen and Long. However, the defense said not so fast.

Crime scene investigator Detective David Schucker of the Lawton Police Department testified that they found it everywhere, including the defendant's clothes, shoes and even his hands. Schucker was called to the stand to explain what was collected from the motel room and how the blood spatter described what happened the night of the murder.

The defense drilled Schucker on protocol of the collection of evidence, and questioned if the evidence found on Long could have come from how police handled him while arresting him and how they transferred the defendant's clothing from the jail to the labs. Schucker said it was probable, but not likely.

Schucker's testimony on how and why the blood was spattered in certain directions was backed up by Allen's roommate, Dewayne Enox. Enox recounted a chilling scene saying he saw the masked man came into the cracked door of their motel room and immediately pointed the gun right at them. He said Allen grabbed the gun and that's when it went off...and kept going off as Allen struggled with the masked man.

Enox also says he will never forget the look in his friend's eyes.

When Allen died, police initially looked for a different suspect; a man known for committing several robberies in the area. A tip led them to a home known to be frequented by gang members on Northwest Mission Boulevard and that is where police say they found the orange sneakers and bullets that matched the ones found inside Johnny Allen's body.

A criminologist was also called to the stand. She said the likelihood of the DNA found on the shoes not belonging to Allen is 1 in 5.4 quintillion. However, the prosecution says the gun was never found.

Testimony will continue Wednesday.

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