Courthouse employees give homeless shelter huge donation

Courthouse employees give homeless shelter huge donation

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A shelter for Lawton's homeless population received a substantial donation from Comanche County Courthouse employees.

The C. Carter Crane Shelter for the Homeless has been working to help Lawton residents get back on their feet for the last 35 years. Monday, they received checks from representatives within the Comanche County Courthouse so they can continue their efforts.

They wanted to keep the donation amount private, but it's expected to go a long way in helping them stay fully operational for those in need.

The money will be used as a general fund to help keep the shelter running. More specifically, it will be used to supply furniture and other household items to the residents for when they leave the shelter.

Comanche County Commissioner Johnny Owens says it was an easy decision to help out.

"They need the help, as other organizations do, but we're here to help this organization through the United Way," Owens said.

Shelters usually see an increase in donations around the holidays, but they can tend to see a lack of donations during the rest of the year.

C. Carter Crane director Heinz Kyle says the donation blew him away.

"It's absolutely overwhelming. I mean it's such an emotional issue for myself to see that we can help people that are really in need," Kyle said.

Kyle says he's not sure if the public knows exactly how in need people at the shelter truly are.

"It's a tough thing to work with the homeless. It's heartbreaking in many ways. You just…there's not enough I can say about how generous the people here in this community are and how much the need is there," Kyle said.

The shelter doesn't just serve as a place for homeless people to sleep and get a hot meal; they actively work to get them jobs and housing of their own.

Kyle says when he sees someone who was once at the shelter be successful, it makes all of the struggles worth it.

"It's such a heartwarming feeling to see that we've helped someone become a good, active citizen in the community again. That's why I say they come back and they pay back and pay it forward in their efforts," Kyle said.

As for the donations from the courthouse, this isn't the first time they've donated to the shelter and it won't be the last. They say they are constantly looking to raise money for the shelter and even donate food from their chili cookout each year.

If you have an event with leftover food, the shelter wants to let you know they will gladly accept that as a donation, too. Call them at 580-248-0936.

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