One Tank Trips: Sam Noble Museum of Natural History

One Tank Trips: Sam Noble Museum of Natural History
Sam Noble Museum of Natural History (Source KSWO)
Sam Noble Museum of Natural History (Source KSWO)

NORMAN, OK (KSWO) –As we continue our One Tank Trip series in Norman, 7News anchor David Bradley shows us the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History and your chance to imagine life in Oklahoma in the age of the dinosaurs.

Easily the most popular part of the museum is the Hall of Ancient Life, filled with giant models and detailed exhibits of the prehistoric era in the state of Oklahoma. Among the amazing finds on display is the world's largest dinosaur skull, 10-and-a-half feet, belonging to the pentaceratops. You can also immerse yourself in that world through an exhibit called 'Be the dinosaur.'

"It's an interactive video game, where you can be a triceratops or a t-rex, and play the video game with your family, with your children. It's good for all ages," explained Pam McIntosh from the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History.

But you'll have to hurry to catch it. The temporary exhibit ends Sunday, June 12.

Another temporary exhibit focuses on the work of Galileo and his discovery of the microscope and the telescope. The collection includes some of his manuscripts dating back to the 1600's. Among the permanent exhibits is the Hall of Natural Wonders. It includes a prairie diorama complete with a giant bison.

Several of the museum's dioramas are immersion-style, to make you feel as if you're walking through those environments.

"All of the things in the museum here are treasures that belong to the people of Oklahoma," McIntosh said. "Most of the artifacts in the Hall of the People of Oklahoma and the Hall of Ancient Life, with the dinosaur fossils, were found in Oklahoma. So, we want the people of Oklahoma to know that we're their museum, and we hope that they'll visit us this summer."

The museum is located on the southern portion of the OU campus, just a couple of blocks from the Sooner baseball stadium, and it's open seven days a week.

There's an added benefit for active duty military and veterans, and their families, during summer 2016. They get in free until Labor Day, thanks to a nationwide collaboration with the Defense Department and the National Endowment for the Arts called "Blue Star Museums."

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