Homes destroyed in Sunday flooding, neighbors saved

Homes destroyed in Sunday flooding, neighbors saved
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)
Homes had feet of water come rushing through and destroyed everything. (Source KSWO)
Homes had feet of water come rushing through and destroyed everything. (Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Residents in a neighborhood on Lawton's northeast side spent Monday cleaning up from Sunday's flooding, which sent more than four feet of water rushing through their homes.

Those in the Heritage Hills and Kingsbriar neighborhoods on Northeast Flower Mound Road say this is the worst flooding they've ever had. Several people in those neighborhoods are looking for answers for how it happened, after finding themselves in water up to their chest in some cases.

Residents believed the flooding came from the dam at Lake George on Fort Sill breaking. However, Fort Sill's Public Affairs Office says they inspected the dam at Lake George and it is fully intact. They said because of the amount of rain, the water is naturally flowing over the spillway.

That water pouring over the spillway, which added to other floodwaters, wreaked havoc on residents on the east side.

"It completely destroyed my house and my vehicles," said Bill Doolin, who lives in the Heritage Hills neighborhood.

He says when the flooding came he had to escape through his window.

"We got out, clung to the house on the west side and then swam around on the north side. We picked up the current. It was probably anywhere from five to seven feet. The taller ones and the stronger men pushed from behind and pushed us all up about 100 yards on Heritage Drive and saved us," Doolin said.

Doolin says he planned to simply finding high ground inside his house to ride out the storm. That all changed when a retired firefighter who lives near him came knocking.

"They walked through the torrent of water, banging on doors of the neighbors because they are concerned about us," Doolin said.

Barbara Curry, from the American Red Cross, was out on the east side surveying the damage Monday. She said hearing the stories about neighbors saving each other is encouraging.

"It lets you know that in times of distress, the Lawton community is going to come together. It is very encouraging. We need to hug each other," Curry said.

Curry says the damage she has surveyed so far has been substantial.

"We're seeing trees uprooted, we're seeing fences uprooted, we're seeing windows broken in, we're seeing neighbors crying and encouraging one another, we're seeing a lot of property damage," Curry said.

Doolin says he won't let the fact that his home is completely lost change how he looks at life.

"I'm not frustrated today. I'm glad to be alive," he said.

Doolin wasn't the only one in the area who had significant flood damage. Several others families pulled everything out of their homes because it was completely ruined. The City of Lawton will have a pickup available starting Wednesday, June 15, for a week to help them out.

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