Teen Theatre gets ready for upcoming play

Teen Theatre gets ready for upcoming play

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -Duncan Little Theater is working on its annual Teen Theater workshop, and this year the students are putting on a play titled "The Silver Whistle."

The three-week long workshop is for teens going into 6th through 12th grade. They learn everything about how to put on a production from working on sets to props, costumes, blocking and learning lines. It's Derrick Miller's first year as the Teen Theatre producer, and he says he enjoys the workshop because the kids take away more than just production skills.

"It teaches them responsibility because they have to be responsible for keeping up with their props, they have to be responsible for learning their lines. It's also really important that kids get excited about art. There's not that many art opportunities in this area, and this is one of those really great chances that kids get to get excited about performing arts," Miller said.

There are 20 kids performing in this play, which will take place on July 23 at the Simmons Center at 2 p.m.

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