MedWatch-Actress Shannen Doherty battles breast cancer

MedWatch-Actress Shannen Doherty battles breast cancer

(ABC) - Breast cancer claimed more than 40,000 lives last year alone with more than 1.7 million new cases of breast cancer have been recorded worldwide.

Actress Shannen Doherty, best known for her roles in Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210, is sharing her brave fight against breast cancer with the world with a series of emotional Instagram posts.

The 45-year-old's journey begins with a picture of her newly shaved head. She revealed her diagnosis last year after filing a lawsuit against her former management company, claiming they failed to pay a health insurance invoice and delayed her diagnosis. 

Doherty opened up about her diagnosis on 'The Dr. Oz Show' in February.

"You worry the most about the people that you love, and about making sure that they're going to be ok. So, I'm already crying. So for me, that was the hardest part," Doherty said.

Now, the actress is sharing more of this difficult journey with People Magazine reporter Gabrielle Olya.

"Why it's great that Shannen shared this series of photos, helps other people, she's been honest every step of the way," Olya said.

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