Tips to keep your AC running at high capacity in the over-whelming heat

Tips to keep your AC running at high capacity in the over-whelming heat

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Triple digit temperatures are continuing to sizzle in Lawton, and chances are your air conditioning unit is not working properly.

Summer time is the busiest year for service companies. Air conditioning repair technicians are struggling to keep up with complaints of air units not working properly or not working at all because of the extreme heat.

With the temperature rising to about 103 degrees, work crews say they're already two days behind schedule. They say in order to keep your unit in tip-top shape, you should get it professionally maintenanced at least twice a year.

Jim Henry has been living in his home for 33 years. He says it crucial that his air system works in the summer time because the heat can aggravate some of his wife's health problems.

"The coolness..That's why we have it at 76, she is comfortable in that position, but when it is there. When it gets warm, she gets rather uncomfortable," Henry said.

Just a few days ago Mr. Henry and wife noticed that their air conditioning unit thermostat temperature was rising and their home was feeling humid inside.

"We were sitting here and my wife said she was going to turn the fan on because she said she was feeling warm, so she went over to hit the switch to turn the fan on. She looked at the thermostat and it was 79," Henry said.

Busy air conditioning repair technician Ray Shirley works hard to keep up with service requests and complaints of air conditioning systems not working properly.

"They had a refrigerant leak so we had to repair the refrigerant leak and add refrigerant to the proper levels. We can do 8 to 10 on a normal day. When you are on call obviously, your running all night long during the summer time," Shirley said.

Shirley says different air units will have different problems when it comes to dealing with the hot summer heat, but no matter what type of system you have, a consistent maintenance check can help reduce most problems and costly repairs.

"Keeping your filter changed, both your indoor and outdoor coils, keeping those clean. Have a service tech come out and clean them for you, that's a yearly thing in the summer. Keeping your drains cleared, we get a lot of backed up drains in the summer time as well for the air conditioner. Keeping those things up to date and good will help you in the long run as far as anything breaking down," Shirley said.

As for Jim's case, since it was a simple fix. His air conditioner was running again in just a couple of days, much to his relief.

"They have been very responsive to our phone calls when we do have something go wrong. That's the way it is, Ray has been great. He has been here a couple of three times and we are getting ready to ask him to move in," Henry said.

Experts advise that you change the filter every month. If you have pets in your home, you should change the filter every two weeks because pet hair can clog the filter.

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