Flower Mound superintendent wants community discussion

Flower Mound superintendent wants community discussion

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – Community discussions will be taking place after the failed $6 million school bond proposal in the Flower Mound school district.

Only 51-percent of the voters were in support of the bond that would have been used to build a new classroom building, equipped with new safe rooms for the students and staff. Flower Mound Public Schools Superintendent Dax Trent said the school district has never passed a bond, which he thinks adds extra challenges that other districts don't have to deal with.

"These other districts that are passing bonds and having ten and 15 percent increases are just adding to a current bond they have on there," Trent said. "Where our challenge is, our district patrons have never paid above their standard property tax limits so they are accustomed to that level of tax."

Trent said going forward, he thinks it is important for the school board to host more meetings where residents can come out and tell them exactly what they would like to see improved upon going forward.

"As long as those fit what the needs are t and we can keep it within a parameter that they're happy with, we'll look to do another bond," Trent said. "We wouldn't be doing our duty as leaders of the school district and of the children if we weren't constantly looking at how to improve the facilities."

Trent said despite the bond not passing, he is encouraged that a majority of the district voted in favor of it, which shows the district is ready to move forward with making the school better.

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