Charges filed against deceased K9 officer's handler

Charges filed against deceased K9 officer's handler

STEPHENS COUNTY, OK (KSWO)- Charges have been filed against a former Stephens county deputy whose K9 recently died due to heat exhaustion.

Police reports say Bak died after he spent around 38 hours in his handler's car. Officials say Bak had no food, water, or cool air while he sat in the patrol vehicle.

Officials say they could smell an odor when they walked around the vehicle after former deputy Matthew Peck reported that his dog had died.

The average temperature for the day he spent in the car was 99 degrees but according to reports the temperature inside the car could have easily exceeded 120 degrees.

A veterinarian said the dog was in good condition and he could have survived if he had spent less time in the patrol car, but once the vehicle's temperature rose above 105 degrees, Bak had no chance of survival.A veterinarian believes he could have died from a heat stroke.

It's the duty of the handler to make sure that his K9's partner's daily like food, water, shelter, training and interaction needs are met.

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