Early morning earthquake rattles Oklahoma

Early morning earthquake rattles Oklahoma

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The largest quake in the state since 2011 woke up many Oklahoman's early this morning, and it was felt as far as Iowa and Texas.

A little after 7, A 5.6 magnitude earthquake centered near Pawnee, Oklahoma which is just north of Stillwater, left the state rattled. Multiple smaller aftershocks also followed ranging between a 3.6 and a 2.7 magnitude.

"I happened to start feeling my bed shake and it kind of startled me," said Lawton resident, Tina Tyner.

Tina Tyner is one of many Oklahomans who was expecting their Saturday morning to be relaxing. She was just about to get out of bed and spend her day with her son until...

"It shook a little bit longer than normal. I looked over at my lamp and noticed that my lamp shade was spinning. Then, he runs to my door and says mom did you see that and I was like yeah I think we just had an earthquake," said Tyner.

Tyner says it brought back scary memories of when she used to live in California. She says she couldn't believe how this one felt just like a west coast quake.

"Just kind of shocked that we experienced that we experienced that here in Oklahoma," said Tyner.

7News Meteorologist Mandy Bailey says Tyner and Southwest Oklahoma weren't the only ones to feel the shaking. This earthquake ties the strongest quake in Oklahoma's history. The last 5.6 was reported on November 5, 2011.

"This was a shallow earthquake so a lot of people felt it, even as far as Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas. There's been reports all across those states," said Bailey.

Tyner says she was lucky this time there wasn't any major damage other than a few picture frames. She says she's thankful to have practiced safety procedures with her son and taught him where to go when disasters happen, like today.

"We're in a state where there's lots of hazardous weather. Tornadoes and everything so he knows those things," said Tyner.

Bailey says even though these strong earthquakes like today are rare, there are a few things everyone should know to be prepared.

"Kind of like the stop, drop and roll, It's going to be stop drop and cover. So, whenever the shaking starts you're going to want to get down on your hands and knees, cover your head and then hold on to whatever shelter you are in. If it starts to move, you're going to want to move with it," said Bailey.

So far, there has been no injuries reported in Southwest Oklahoma.

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