Destructive beetle discovered in NW OK

Published: Oct. 14, 2016 at 2:46 PM CDT
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OK (KSWO)- According to the Oklahoma Forestry Service, a pest recently found in northeastern Oklahoma is responsible for the loss of tens of millions of ash trees across the nation. The emerald ash borer is an invasive species wood-boring beetle. The insect is a significant threat to ash trees across the state.

"With a number of our neighboring states already dealing with the pest. We knew it was a matter a time before emerald ash borer appeared in Oklahoma," said George Geissler, director, Oklahoma Forestry Services.  "We want to make Oklahomans aware of the issue and available options and resources for dealing with this pest."

All ash wood out of Delaware County will be quarantined. The pest can be easily spread if infested wood is moved into other areas.

"There are decisions to be made, and we want those decisions to be science-based," said Geissler.  "We're offering the best resources available on our website and will keep Oklahomans informed on the progression of emerald ash borer."

Emerald ash borer originates from Asia. Signs of emerald ash borers include s-shaped galleries under the bark, D-shaped very small exit holes in the tree, and crown decline.

Please notify Oklahoma Forestry Services at 405-522-6158 if you see signs of EAB infestation in ash trees. For more information and resources regarding emerald ash borer, visit

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