Lawton hunter sets state record

Updated: Jan. 23, 2017 at 6:22 PM CST
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LAWTON, OK  (KSWO) -A sergeant at Fort Sill has set a state record after harvesting the biggest non-typical buck ever killed by an Oklahoma bow hunter.

Sergeant Travis Ocker was hunting on Fort Sill in the morning on November 12th when he came across this 28 point buck, with a rack scoring 245 and two-eighths inches. It was non-typical, meaning it had a set of antlers that are not symmetrical. Ocker was sitting in a tree stand behind a small creek on Fort Sill when the deer came walking across the creek and he took the shot.

Travis Ocker, a sergeant in the U.S Army stationed at Fort Sill had the chance most hunters don't get in a lifetime...the chance to harvest this 28 point buck. He had been chasing a 10 point buck he saw earlier in the season in the same area, and took a shot at it, but missed....and as he was about to get down from the stand, this came walking out across the creek.

"I was the luckiest guy on the planet on November the 12th," said Ocker.

Just 30 yards out... he pulled his bow back and shot. He says he's never been so nervous.

"I was shook up," said Ocker. "There's no way around it. I remember just the clanking sound of my tree stand after the shot of my legs just....I never shook that bad being cold and it was a warm day that day and it was ridiculous."

Ocker says he wasn't sure if he got it or not , but immediately started calling all of his friends and family.

It took Ocker and his son over 4 hours to track the deer because it ran quite a ways away from where he shot it. He says it was an emotional experience, but the best part was being able to share it with his son.

"We come around the corner, just on the other side over here and he throws his hands up and the big buck sign and sure enough there's that buck there," said Ocker.

Hunting is more than just a hobby to Ocker, it's a way to relive stress and anxiety.

"I myself suffer from some post deployment things and I think this deer might be a good platform to help other people with that," said Ocker. "I've already had friends that suffer from the same elements that have actually started bow hunting. I mean these are guys that couldn't leave the house."

Ocker shares his hunting stories to inspire others to explore the outdoors and cherish how beautiful it truly is.

"Just come and enjoy what you can see around you," said Ocker. "I think it would be a lot better. That's what hunting is for me...It's something I get to do with my family, that's number one and it's also something that I get to go relax."

Ocker shot a different buck from the exact same tree just a week before November 12th. He says that one was his biggest one until this 28 pointer came along. He says next year's hunting season will be hard to beat after this year's kill.

Ocker is sending the deer off to be mounted. It will be on display the first week of March at the Backwoods Hunting and Fishing Expo in Oklahoma City.

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