Discover Oklahoma- Osage Hills State Park offers canvas wall tents for camping

Discover Oklahoma- Osage Hills State Park offers canvas wall tents for camping

PAWHUSKA, OK- This is a very popular time of year to go camping in Oklahoma. But if you're looking for a different kind of camping experience, the folks at Discover Oklahoma have found just the thing.

Osage Hills State Park is a place where peace and beauty prevail. There's a raw beauty and power to this area. It's a wonderful combination of highlands, grassy meadows, lowlands and creek bottoms. And, of course, the hardwood black jack forest in between.

Built by the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps, in the 1930's, this park was essentially a gift from the CCC to the area and for these hills. They designed the park in such a way to make it feel like it has always been here

Osage Hills now has another gift of sorts in that they are the first state park to have canvas wall tents. And if you don't know what canvas wall tents are…

"When you think about miners, trappers, military tents, it's literally a canvas tent, has a pink roof with side walls. These are about five and a half feet tall. Ours are pitched on a wooden platform. Usually, they would not be. They'd be just pitched on the ground because it gives you a little bit more convenience, keeps you out of the water and the rain, and gets you away from insects to some extent."

Of course, you can see the rest of that story this weekend plus visit Lost Creek Safari in Stillwater for a fun adventure; shop for home décor at Rawhide Ranch in Oklahoma City and enjoy the Burrito Grill in Blanchard-- all that and more on Discover Oklahoma Saturday at 6:30!