LPD family members practice firearm safety

LPD family members practice firearm safety

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Family and friends of Lawton Police Department got an inside look on what it takes to be an officer Saturday at the 4th annual LPD Family Shooting Day. Lawton police department hosted the safe day of shooting at their range.

"It makes me feel kind of part of the team," said Theleka Henderson, Lawton police department family member.

Theleka was one of twenty family members who took part in the practice shooting event Saturday. With the help of her husband, LPD Captain Ulysses Henderson, she was able to receive hands-on training to shoot a firearm safely.

"I shot my nine-millimeter compact weapon, hit the target a couple times," said Theleka.

LPD provided guns and bullets for all that participated and some like Theleka, even brought their own.

Captain Ulysses said the day let family members see a part of the officer's job that they wouldn't normally see.

"This is one chance for them to come out, practice firearms in a safe environment where they can get instruction from our instructors," said Ulysses. "And just have a good day and enjoy time with their officer's family."

He said putting aside this time to bond with family in a unique way is what the department is all about.

"Family is very important to the Lawton Police Department and to the officers," said Ulysses. "Without our families, we wouldn't be able to succeed in anything we try to do."

Which is what Theleka said is her job to do.

"You're that support," said Theleka. "You're that backbone. Even when they come home that's your job to take care of them so, you kind of feel part of the team."

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