Youngest OK Democratic Party Chair in Lawton

Updated: Jun. 19, 2017 at 10:14 PM CDT
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The newly-elected and youngest-ever Oklahoma Democratic Party chair stopped in Lawton to talk with Comanche County Democrats on Monday night. 24-year-old Anna Langthorn, who's from Oklahoma City, is visiting Democrats across the state to fill them in on what has been accomplished so far, and what her plans are for the future of the party in Oklahoma.

"We all in this room have the power to make that happen," Langthorn said.

Langthorn stepped up as the head of the Oklahoma Democratic Party the youngest, but not without years of experience starting with joining the Young Democrats in high school.

"From there I started volunteering for campaigns and interning for campaigns," Langthorn said. "Then interning for the party, and then got a job, a paid job, in 2012. So, from 2010 to 2012 that's when I got my start and here we are 7 years later!"

Langthorn is preparing the party for several special elections this year, but she turned her attention to Lawton at the meeting on Monday.

"I fully, and this isn't a talking point, this is my real political philosophy. I firmly believe that the future of the Oklahoma Democratic Party is in Lawton," Langthorn said.

Langthorn said as someone who ran campaigns, the Democratic candidates in southwest Oklahoma only lost by a few points. She said that looks promising for the 2018 election to get more Democrats in elected positions.

"My opinion is that Oklahomans are good people," Langthorn said. "We're honest people, we're fair people. We believe in things like equality and hard work. Those are the values of the Democratic party, and what we failed to do is really over the last several decades."

Langthorn said where she sees the Republican elected officials failing is in rural communities, so she'd like to see democrats in those seats.

"Democratic leaders are who are going to get us over the finish lines," Langthorn said. "They are going to solve these problems, and restore our state back to being functioning. Because that's the bottom line. We're not functioning right now."

Langthorn said she has more goals on her 'to-do' list like uniting the party and encouraging better communication. She will serve as chair for the next two years.

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