Digital virus attacks and affects city computers

Digital virus attacks and affects city computers

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -The City of Lawton is dealing with a digital virus. It's affecting the city's network and technological systems.

Their entire network is down making it pretty much impossible to do anything. With more than 500 computers impacted city-wide, workers can't access emails, or use the internet. Residents can't pay their bills or fines online.The city says I-T specialists have been working on the problem since Tuesday.

Daniel Pae works at City Hall and uses the internet everyday to send out live tweets or post through social media. Pae said the virus is keeping him from doing his job.
"It's always important to expect the unexpected and this is a prime example of that. Usually we log in the calls, log in mail we get through the computer that's on the hard drive which is not available at the moment. We also try to schedule things on the calender and Outlook, and we can't do that at the moment," said Pae.

Community Relations Director Tiffany Vrska said this is the first time the city has been affected by a virus like this.
"The virus is very sophisticated, so it was actually able to disable a lot of the anti-virus programs that we had in place. We don't know exactly where it originated from, but we are working as swiftly as we can to remedy the situation," said Vrska.

Vrska said the city has been aware of the virus since Tuesday. Nearly 15 micro-computer specialists are working on a fix.They started at midnight running 3 hour scans on the computers that are affected.

"Our I-T guys have been working really hard to remedy the situation. They are going around every department and every office to make sure they get the computers scan run so that we can continue serving the citizens of Lawton," said Vrska

Vrska said right now they're trying to get systems up and running on the services that residents needs the most.

"So the first departments that we work to remedy is Revenue Services were people pay their utility bills and the Municipal Court were of course their is different court fines and payments that people have to come in and make so those scans are currently being run."

The city said they are still accepting payments for water bills at City Hall. They are unable to set up new accounts until the network is fixed. They hope to have the problem resolved by Friday afternoon.

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