Fisherman pulls gun case from Lake Lawtonka, finds owner on Facebook

Fisherman pulls gun case from Lake Lawtonka, finds owner on Facebook

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A man fishing at Lake Lawtonka got quite the surprise when he reeled in an old gun case instead of a fish.

James Goosetree was bass fishing last week when he pulled up this gun case. Inside were two old, rusted shotguns. He turned them into Lawton Police that night and posted the pictures on Facebook hoping to find who they belong to and how they got to the bottom of the lake. A few days later Joey Salyer saw the post and contacted him.

Salyer was going hog hunting across the lake with two friends 6 years ago on Fathers day when their boat capsized. He says if he didn't let go of the guns, he would have drown.

LAWTON, Ok (KSWO) - "From there on it was a fight for our lives trying to stay above water."

The morning of Fathers Day 2011, Joey Salyer and two friends went hog hunting on public land near Lake Lawtonka. Around 2:30, it started to rain and got really windy, so they got in the boat to head back to the dock.

"It was pretty rough and his boat didn't do real well on it," said Salyer. We got to the middle of the lake and a freak wave actually took the front of the bow down, which is the front of the boat and flipped us."

One of the friends swam to shore to get help. Salyer injured his knee, so he could barely move.

"I was tired," said Salyer. "I couldn't hold on. He was trying to hold on to me."

About an hour later, paramedics rescued them.

Now, 6 years later, Salyer says the guns he lost when the boat went down popped up on a hunting and fishing page on Facebook.

"My wife sent it to me and she goes, do you see this and I was like oh my God," said Salyer.

James Goosetree, a fisherman who reeled in the sunken treasures last week, was shocked too.

"Well people don't normally lose any kinds of weapons so I was hoping there was nothing negative behind it, but luckily it had a good ending," said Goosetree.

Goosetree goes bass fishing at Lawtonka any chance he gets and always comes home with some dinner... but not this time.

"I threw a bass jig into the dam," said Goosetree. "Got stuck like I normally do. I paddled my kayak over to the area it was stuck and I saw it was stuck on some sort of case, so not expecting that case to have any contents inside of it, I pulled the case up and I saw a buttstock of some sort of weapon sticking out of it."

Salyer says although the guns were cheap, he's thankful James took the time to turn the guns in and find the owner.

"To me it's fascinating because it's coming to light back again and that was a scary day for me and my buddy," said Salyer.

Salyer does not plan on coming down to Lawton to get the guns since he now lives in Tulsa. He says he wishes he could give them to James for being so kind.

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