Comanche County Sheriff's Department looking for stolen tractors

Comanche County Sheriff's Department looking for stolen tractors

COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO)-A Comanche county man is speaking out after someone stole his tractor. In the past two weeks the Comanche County Sheriff's Department has received 3 reports of stolen tractors and are now asking the public for help in finding the people responsible.

Eldon Eberhart said he was extremely frustrated and couldn't understand why someone would take the tractor. 
He said he's had it for quite a while and wants it back.

Around 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon Eberhart noticed his tractor was missing. He said it's been in his family for as long as he can remember.

"I've owned it since I was a case dealer in Lawton for 35 years, and I acquired it right at the end of my tenure as a case dealer. I decided to keep the tractor, and it's a 2006 model. It has about 750 hours on it, excellent condition. I had it parked at his mothers to keep up with her grounds at her house," said Eberhart.

The tractor that was stolen was a 2006 Case IH DX55 model.

"It was red in color, it also had some weights on the back wheels. It had a black bucket on the front of it," said Sheriff Stradley.

Eberhart adds he didn't have the keys inside the tractor and the battery wasn't working. He believes the thieves may have hot wired the tractor and loaded it onto a trailer.

"That's right somebody that is too lazy to work, and they'd rather steal to make a living," said Eberhart.

Eberhart had this to say to the people responsible.

"Well I don't really know what my emotion was yesterday when I found out they had taken it. I don't know if it was frustration, if it was just plain mad, or I don't know exactly what the emotion was, but they ought to have everything taken from them so they could experience what it's like to steal something from someone," said Eberhart.

Sheriff Stradley said you should either park your tractor where you can keep a close eye on it or lock the building where you store it.

"If you got a smaller tractor or something probably need to keep it close to your house or close to someone house," said Sheriff Stradley.

Sheriff Stradley said there were also two tractors stolen from a resident's home in Cache.
One is a Ford 800 tractor, and the other one is a John Deere 4010.

If you have any information on these cases you are asked to call the Comanche County Sheriff's Department. You can remain anonymous.

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