Game Wardens searching for deer poacher

Game Wardens searching for deer poacher

JACKSON COUNTY, OK (KSWO) -The search is on to find whoever poached an 8-point buck on private property in Jackson County.

It was found just north of Altus off County Road 209 near Highway 19. The couple that owns this property says they were doing yard work last night when they found the buck just 15 yards from the road on their side of the fence.

They immediately reported it. The Game Wardens say the buck was shot with a rifle sometime Friday night. Right now, it is only legal to hunt deer with a bow, not a rifle. It's also illegal to shoot from the road.

K.T Rhodes and her husband were not at home until late Friday night, so they think that's why they never heard it. But, she says there are a lot of hunters in the area, so they hear shots all the time, but they never think it's someone poaching a deer.

"I got really angry," said Rhodes. "I will admit. I was pretty amped up about it."

KT Rhodes and her husband have never had a problem with people hunting on their property illegally, until now.

"I thought you know, I have never given anyone permission to hunt on my land, I am not against hunting it by any stretch, but I have never told anyone they could hunt here and to have somebody poach it like that in the middle of the night is pretty upsetting," said Rhodes.

After Rhodes and her husband found the deer Sunday night, they remembered the people they saw driving up and down their road with spotlights at night just a few weeks ago.

"A couple of side-by-sides, camouflage side-by-sides with lights, big spot lights and not cheap things either," said Rhodes. "I don't think it's kids out on a joy ride."

She's worried something like this could happen again, and it could be worse

"They could've shot anything around here," said Rhodes. "Everybody has livestock. Accidental gunshots going places can be very detrimental."

Oklahoma Game Warden Daniel Perkins says if the shooter would have missed the deer the trajectory of the bullet likely would have gone straight through the next door neighbors window.

Rhodes warns the poachers to stay away and stop hunting illegally.

"I'm going to be watching," said Rhodes. "I'm going to be watching. My neighbors are going to be watching and hopefully they will knock it off."

If you know anything about this case or have seen anything suspicious in that area, please contact Oklahoma Game Warden Daniel Perkins at (580)-450-7702. You can remain anonymous and be eligible to receive a cash reward.

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