Caretaker abuse under investigation at Lawton/Fort Sill Veterans Center

Caretaker abuse under investigation at Lawton/Fort Sill Veterans Center

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs along with several other state agencies are investigating allegations of caretaker abuse at the Lawton Veterans Center on Flower Mound Road. The family of the veteran, who is cited as the victim in the investigation, said an employee treated him aggressively, and the incidents was caught on surveillance video.

The veteran's daughter Jody Maples said that most of the staff at the Veterans Center are amazing, but there have been a few who have been involved. When she saw the video of the incident, she was livid.

"The more I look at it the madder it makes me," Maples said. "How can anybody treat anybody this disgraceful. To be this cruel to somebody. Somebody who has no control. Who can't help with what's going on."

Jody Maples' father is a retired veteran, who served for 25 years. He has been fully disabled living in the Veterans Center since June 2016, when his wife died.

"He lost his wife, he lost his farm, and now he has lost his confidence in the country that he served," Maples said.

Maples said this isn't the first time they've had issues with the way her father is treated at the Veteran's Center.

"I've been so concerned that we have had to hire a full-time caretaker to be there to help take care of my dad," Maples said.

The Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs public information officer said they are aware of the situation with Maples' father. And that disciplinary action is being taken against the employees involved.

But Maples said something more needs to be done.

"I do blame state office for some of this because they have cut the budget so bad, which as cut staffing, which has cut security, and has cut various other services there," Maples said. "You know my dad fought for my country. They deserve the best, and they aren't getting the best at this time."

The Veterans Center reported the caretaker abuse to the Lawton Police Department, along with other state departments as part of protocol. 7NEWS will keep you updated on any developments on this story.

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