Elderly woman warns residents of sweepstakes scam

Elderly woman warns residents of sweepstakes scam

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- You've won a millions of dollars and a brand new car. Sounds like a dream, but for one Lawton woman she got an uneasy feeling when she heard that over the phone.

Dianna Lenhart received a phone call from a strange number located in Jamaica on Monday.

It was a man who said his name was Michael Coleman and he was a Publishers Clearing House employee trying to help her claim her grand prize.

"The longer he talked and told me his name and started giving me additional information the more skeptical I became," said Lenhart.

The man told her she had a UPS delivery outside her home and needed her to move her car to make room for the Mercedes Benz he claimed she won along with more than $200 million.

Lenhart said he was very convincing and gave specified information to validate his credentials.

"Anyone my age or older, you start giving them those badge numbers and stuff like that, they are going to believe that you are who you are," said Lenhart.

She said she knew it was time to get her daughter Joellen Lenhart Hoffman involved, especially when the man asked for her bank identification number to transfer the fund
"She would've lost everything in her account," said Joellen. "She would have lost absolutely everything."

When they looked outside there was no car or man which is when Lenhart's daughter said she knew it was a scam. Joellen said she's just thankful her mother followed her intuition.

"You can't steal, especially those that need it the most," said Joellen. "They cannot work anymore. You can't steal the funds they worked and saved for their entire life from them."

Lenhart offers a piece of advice in hopes of helping others like herself.

"If you have the least bit of an idea that it's not adding up as life adds up, don't have anything to do with it," said Lenhart.

Joellen sad she reached out to Lawton police who say scammers often target the elderly for their savings and because they typically trust individuals easier.

Police urge others to warn their family members about these types of scams.

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