A Child Who Hopes: Meet Bryce

A Child Who Hopes: Meet Bryce

OK (KSWO)- Bryce is a 15-year-old boy with a love for old cars and he's looking to find a forever family.

7News reporter Haley Wilson met up with him to check out some classic automobiles.

"Small block...I love it… Normally people would change out the engine block but I see it's the original and it's in pretty good condition." Bryce loves vintage cars. "There's something about the body work, the power, the twerk and the way it looks."

He says it's something he's loved since he was a child. His favorite? -- The 1955 Chevy.

"American muscle and it used to be a drag car."

For Bryce, this is much more than engine parts and metal. The '55 brings back memories of the person who influenced his love of cars.

"One thing that I miss, just like riding in that Chevy is... I'm missing my dad but at least I get those memories."

Bryce has been in the system about a year. In that time, he's lived in three different foster homes.

"You think you're used to one spot and you just get moved to another… Just to stay in one spot...and think that I actually have a family for once."

Family is a big deal for this car lover...

He says having someone who will care for him is what he's looking for in a forever family.

"Maybe like take a ride every once and a while, play catch or something, get me into sports... I love sports."

He says it would mean everything if a family chose him to join their home.

"Just to have a family that I know would love me and take care of me."

If you'd like to adopt Bryce, call the Department of Human Services at 580- 471-7942.

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