Pet deer charms hearts in Cache

Pet deer charms hearts in Cache
(Source: Matthew Harrison)
(Source: Matthew Harrison)

CACHE, OK (KSWO) - A domesticated deer roaming around and visiting people in Cache has left some wondering why she's so friendly.

Martheia Niedo's sister owns the gentle deer, named Ben, and appreciated having so unusual a pet.

"We have people going by, taking pictures of her," Niedo said.

Ben's been making the five-mile trip to town recently, where she met Matthew Harrison at his house.

"I was really surprised," he said. "It just walked right up to me, and I got down to take a picture with it, and it kinda nuzzled my neck. I'm like this is kinda weird, but that's what happened."

After seeing she had a collar, he posted the picture and asked if anyone had lost their deer.

"A lot of people had been commenting and posting pictures about this deer that's been roaming around town and taking pictures with it," Harrison said.

Niedo said her brother-in-law rescued Ben around two years ago while hunting and bottle fed her. He was even behind the unusual name.

"We thought she was a boy but my brother-in-law named her," she said. "My sister said, 'How come you named her Ben?' and he said 'because she's going to go beeen…beeen'."

Niedo said her sister was worried about the deer not coming home the first few times she roamed off, but that hasn't been the case.

"Towards dark, she makes her way back home and stands at the back door. Whenever you look out the back door, she is looking at the screen door," Niedo said.

Cache's animal control is asking residents not to panic or shoot the deer if they see her roaming around.

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