GRAPHIC: Two horses found abused, killed in Bray

GRAPHIC: Two horses found abused, killed in Bray
Two horses were found killed in Bray (Source KSWO)
Two horses were found killed in Bray (Source KSWO)
Two horses were found killed in Bray (Source KSWO)
Two horses were found killed in Bray (Source KSWO)

BRAY, OK (KSWO) - The bodies of two dead horses on a property in Bray have prompted the Stephens County Sheriff's Department to pursue animal cruelty charges.

The man who discovered the horses did not want his identity known in case there are any repercussions. Warning, the pictures are disturbing.

"It's horrible. It's horrible as being a previous horse owner, it's horrible after seeing more than one horse out here that there's definitely been an issue going on," the man said.

One of the horses had been left alone for so long it is now just a pile of bones.

"The skull looked like it was bashed in on that particular horse, it looked like someone took a two-pound shop hammer to that horse's head to put it down," the man said.

Just a few hundred yards away lies another horse, this one has a rope tied around its neck and looks like it may have only been dead for a few days.

"I noticed drag marks so my son and I followed the drag marks and it led to a horse carcass in the woods. Where I found that horse carcass you could see that the horse laid there alive and wallowed out another half-moon area. To me, that horse was dragged out of the pen while it was still alive and left in the woods to die," the man said.

The man owns horses himself and said there is absolutely no reason for the rope to be tied around the horse's neck.

"If I moved mine it's generally by a halter. There's no reason to synch a rope up around a horse's neck," the man said.

The horse that only had bones visible has clearly been dead for a while and even if there was no abuse to that horse, the man said that is not how you properly dispose of a dead horse.

"The horse is supposed to be buried in a pit with two and a half feet of topsoil on it. Within three hundred feet of drainage or a water well and within a quarter mile of a property line or a road," the man said.

Now, the man said he wants those responsible for these terrible crimes to answer for what they've done.

"I hope charges are filed against him, not only for animal cruelty but for improper disposal of carcasses," the man said.

Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney said they said they are aware of the dead horses but could not comment because it is an active investigation. But they did say they know who is responsible and they plan on pursuing animal cruelty charges.

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