Alec says she can spend hours fixing her hair and makeup because she enjoys it so much.

"I'm a regular person but when I have it I feel like I'm kinda like special to a point."

Like many teens, this freshman enjoys participating in as many school activities and clubs as possible, but she's not a part of anything this year.

"But since school started out later for me when I went. It's been a lot harder."

She wants to go take some classes over the summer so she can skip a grade or two. Then go into a career to help people.

"I've thought about nursing but then at the same time I want to be a public speaker. I want to, I really want to be a public speaker because people who are going through things that I'm going through because when I get older I want to help them."

In Alec's two years of being in foster care, she's lived in up to 11 different foster homes, which has taught her to keep her distance.

"You don't really want to get attached to people because you're too scared that you're going to leave them behind. I think that's what's hard for me now is like accepting love because I feel like sooner or later I'm going to have to leave again."

But she hopes that one day she can tear down those walls and build a solid foundation with an adoptive family.

"I want to get really close with that family knowing that I won't have to leave them."

She wants a supportive family that will with her through her low and high points and the rest of her life.

"I mean, even after, when I go to college I want a home to come to on the holidays or just having a family by my side."

If you’d like to adopt Alec, call the Department of Human Services at 580- 471-7942.