Local business owners taught how to overcome digital disruption

Local business owners taught how to overcome digital disruption

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- On Saturday, a local workshop empowered business owners to get ahead and the impact of digital disruption.
The Lawton Rotary Leadership Institute hosted the event at Cameron University.

"This is a way to help all of the organizations in Lawton," said Gene Love, participant. "Not just businesses but the entire city of Lawton."

Love was one of over 300 people that came out for the workshop. He owns a defense consulting company.

He said he was looking forward to hearing from keynote speaker Daniel Burrus on how to persevere despite the new technology in the world. 

"How to anticipate changes sometimes before it even happens," said Love. "So, I think this is just an incredible opportunity."

Burrus explained exactly that along with how to separate future facts from future assumptions.

"Most people think that other than death and taxes the future is unpredictable," said Burrus. "What I'm going to do is show them how amazingly predictable it is and how we can use those hard trends, those future facts to shape a thriving community."

Burrus said reacting to problems and disruptions after they happen is not the best thing to do.

"What I am teaching everybody in the entire community to do today is how to anticipate instead of reacting," said Burrus. "How to be an opportunist manager instead of just a crisis manager and how to actually make those invisible opportunities actually visible."

Which is what Love said is his plan moving forward.

"If we can anticipate and turn those changes into opportunities and learn from those then I think that will increase all our businesses and help us to grow those businesses and help to grow the economy of Lawton," said Love.

Burrus is considered one of the World's Leading Futurists on Global Trends and Innovation. For more information about him or the concepts he taught at the workshop you can visit his website here.

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