School officials encourage parents to monitor children’s social media accounts

School officials encourage parents to monitor children’s social media accounts
DPS will not change their schedule for this upcoming school year.

DUNCAN , Ok (KSWO) -Police and school officials in Duncan are encouraging parents to monitor their children's social media accounts following an alleged threat against the Middle School.

Superintendent Melonie Hau said it started last night. There was a post made on social media that indicated a middle school student was going to shoot up the school. Police immediately began an investigation and found it to be a rumor spread by one of the students through a social media post. That post started raising concerns for students, faculty and staff, and parents.

The school principal sent emails to parents and posted on the school's social media page encouraging them to monitor their children's social media accounts and do not repost what police have now confirmed to be a rumor.

"Students are doing a lot of things on social media and I think parents would be shocked at what we are seeing sometimes it gets caught through our filters," said Hau.

Hau also encourages parents to have conversations with students about school violence.

"Talk about the difference between things that are possible to happen versus things that are probable to happen and if parents have concerned they should talk to their school principal or school counselor," said Hau.

Hau is grateful for the partnership the district has with the Duncan Police Department because whether it's a true threat or just a rumor authorities take them seriously. They work to get to the bottom of it and inform parents as quick as they can. While no students are facing charges Duncan Police Lt. John Byers said school threats are considered crimes.

"There is a misdemeanor and there is also a felony. The felony punishment is up to 10 years and a misdemeanor is up to a year in the county jail, we don't take these lightly," said Byers.

Byers said It doesn't 't take much to determine whether action must be taken.

"Once it involves the school or any that happens on school or on school grounds any threat towards a student or faculty member or even the school itself just the statement of I'm going to shoot up the school that's something we have to look at that point," said Byers.

School was in session today and if parents chose to keep their kids at home it was marked as an excused absence. The district provided information about monitoring social media and school safety. You can find it the information on Duncan Middle School Facebook Page.

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