Opportunity Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to Altus & Lawton Christian Academy

Opportunity Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to Altus & Lawton Christian Academy
Updated: May. 18, 2018 at 6:28 PM CDT
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(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

SOUTHWEST, Ok (RNN Texoma) -On Friday, families in Altus and Lawton received over $90,000 dollars in scholarships, all thanks to the Opportunity Scholarship Fund.
The organization provides scholarships for students to attend over 60 accredited private schools in the state.

The schools applied for the scholarships and then decided on which families to give them to.

Several parents said it's not about public versus private schools but rather finding the right opportunity for their kids.

They're grateful that the Opportunity Scholarship Fund allows them to do just that.

The Opportunity Scholarship Fund presented a check for nearly $30,000 dollars to Lawton Christian Academy and nearly $60,000 dollars to students at Altus Christian Academy.

"Oh this is a great day! To be able to celebrate these children and have the opportunity to be here and be able to afford this type of education because this is what the parents want and if we can provide choices for our parents throughout the state of Oklahoma to be able to educate their children that is a great day for us," Rob Sellers said.

For parents, the program is a huge help when it comes to cost, and other things their child needs.

Mandy Lemus has three kids who attend Altus Christian Academy and said before getting the scholarship it was challenging making payments to the school.

"Absolutely it was I mean every year we tried to figure out what are we going to sacrifice this year that way our kids will have the opportunity to come to ACA and it became impossible," Mandy Lemus.

6th grade Student Joshua Jenkins said he is blessed to be able to attend Altus Christian Academy on a scholarship.

"I feel really happy, I get to learn about God and get to learn, that's two things in one school," Jenkins said.

His mother Briar said it's tough being a single parent but sending her son to a private school has always been her choice.

"Well I've always wanted him to have a Christian Biblical background in his education so that was my first thing. I use to always drive past the school thinking I would love to have the opportunity to have that for him, so that's why we chose it," Jenkins said.

At Lawton Christian Academy,The superintendent said the money helps about 25 students very year.

"Our teachers are amazing The teachers dedicate their time to these children and also to be loved and to have a Christian world view this is really important. So it gives peace to these parents who may not be able to afford it otherwise,"Patti Rhea said.

Several students said getting the opportunity to attend LCA on a scholarship is a win-win for them.

"I'm very grateful. I thank God first and I really thank my mom for putting me in this position," Tariq Jordan said.

"It is amazing! I love this school and my mom is a single parent so it's really hard on her and my grandpa too, so I'm super blessed for us to have that," Kyndra Cunningham said.

State lawmakers also attended Friday's presentations.They spoke to students about the importance of getting a good education. The students will receive their scholarships in the fall and spring.

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