Woman who was shot testifies in William Givens trial

Woman who was shot testifies in William Givens

COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO) – Tuesday, a prison guard at the Lawton Correctional Facility took the stand in the trial of one of the men accused in her 2016 shooting.

William Givens is charged with three crimes for the shooting, despite not being the one accused of pulling the trigger.

Givens was actually in prison in McAlester when prison guard Rachel DeWalt was shot in September of 2016, so it was impossible for him to have shot her. But, prosecutors allege Givens gave the order, telling a man named Michael Ishman to pull the trigger.

DeWalt was the first person to take the stand, detailing how she knows of William Givens. She said while working at the prison, she busted Givens with contraband in his cell, mainly cell phones and drugs, several times.

She also testified about the day she was shot, saying she did not see the shooters face because he was wearing a dark hoodie. She testified she was shot twice, once in the chest and once in the leg. She said she did not know who the shooter was but because he was in McAlester she knows it was not Givens who pulled the trigger.

The jury also heard testimony from one of DeWalt's neighbors who heard gunshots from his home. He said he chased the man down the street but eventually stopped because he assumed the man had a gun. He admitted in cross-examination he did not get close enough to the man to see what he looked like.

They also heard from two crime scene investigators with the Lawton Police Department. One walked through photos taken from the scene, which was DeWalt's car. The other testified he walked the path that DeWalt's neighbor said he saw the gunman run. That eventually led police to find a black hoodie with a revolver rolled inside of it. Both the gun and hoodie were submitted to the OSBI for testing. An OSBI agent testified that it is a near certainty the hoodie had Ishman's DNA on it but said they could not determine if the gun had his DNA on it. Neither was confirmed to have Givens' DNA on it.

Testimony concluded with two guards at the state penitentiary in McAlester. They both said that while Givens was incarcerated there, they found phones in his cell. Testimony is expected to continue Wednesday morning.

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