A Child Who Hopes: Josh

A Child Who Hopes: Josh

LAWTON, Ok (RNN Texoma) - A 12-year-old boy, who has spent the past three years in DHS custody, is looking for a family to adopt him. 7NEWS reporter Haley Wilson learned more about Josh at Lawton's Urban Air.

He spent the day flying through the building, mastering obstacle courses, and jumping as high as possible, but there was one station that stood out the most...

"I think doing the sky rider was the best," Josh said. "I was actually riding."

Josh's DHS worker describes him as sweet, kind and easy going but we also realized he's a jokester.

"What did Delaware," Josh asked.

"I want to say a dress, but I feel like I need to make a state joke," Haley said. "What is it?"

"She wore a New Jersey," Josh said.

Although he likes geography jokes, that is not his favorite subject. He likes science.

"I got to do some experiments," Josh said. "Like mentos and soda. Mentos actually makes a soda volcano."

He's an expert at video games, but he likes also likes using his imagination.

"I like to read outside in the shade," Josh said. "I like to do everything virtual reality or sometimes real life."

Josh does have a sister who he is separated from. He said if he gets adopted he wants his new family to allow him to keep in contact with her. So it's important to him to find a family that likes kids.

"As long as I do good, they will like me. That's what I want," Josh said. "I just hope that they'll care for me."

If you'd like to adopt Josh, call the Department of Human Services at 580- 471-7942.

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