Elgin Library needing renovation volunteers

Elgin Library needing renovation volunteers

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Renovations at the new Elgin Community Library are happening now, but there's help needed to get ready for painting. The library will open its doors on Saturday for volunteers with some construction experience to lend a hand in hanging sheetrock.

The library's current location is on Highway 17, but will soon be moving to their new one on Thoma Drive in Elgin. The former daycare is losing walls and soon the paint color to make it into a library the director Leslie Durham has always wanted.

"We outgrew our current place quite a long time ago," Durham said.

Enter: their new location purchased by the City of Elgin at the start of this year at the price of $200,000.

Since the renovations started this summer, progress has rolled along quickly, but Durham says they are careful with the cost.

"We're just trying to help as much as we can with the volunteers to save the city and the taxpayers money on the things that most people can do," Durham said.

Things like demolition, which volunteers helped with on a Saturday.

"That was actually a really fun day!" Durham remembered.

Now it's sheet rock, baseboards and things needed to get done to prepare for paint and flooring.

But if manual labor isn't your thing, and you still want to help the library, you can lend a hand in another way.

"One of our fundraisers is a 6 inch hand print tiles," Durham said.

These tiles will line the kids section of the library, and at $20 a tile, a piece of your family history will be part of the library's history.

"The funny thing is I've had several parents, younger parents, who have came in and they're getting their children's hand prints done," Durham said. "They have commented about how their hand prints are in KidZone in Lawton, and how they like to go to KidZone and see their hand prints. So now this will give their children opportunity to bring their children and say this is my hand print when I was a child."

But before the hand prints go up, the renovations need to continue on.

"This will open up doorways to have more activities. They can schedule more programming and do more events," Durham said.

They don't have a completion date yet, but they still have a couple of months of projects to be finished.

On top of the tile fundraiser, you can also buy a shelf at the new library and dedicate it to your family or loved one. Find out more information about that fundraiser by calling 580-492-6650 or message their Facebook page.

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