Lawton teens mow lawns for school supplies

Lawton teens mow lawns for school supplies

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A group of teens in Lawton are spending the summer mowing lawns in hopes of raising money for school supplies this year.

"Everyday, we get up at like 9 o clock cut grass and ask people," said Elijah Smith.

"So we can get our education stuff, pencils, notebooks," said Jacquvis Paoli. "So, we can have stuff for school."

All summer you can find 15-year-old Elijah Smith and his three cousins mowing lawns in Northwest Lawton. Smith said they are self-made lawn mowers who learned by watching others. They specialize in cutting neat rows back and forth across a lawn.

"Cutting grass, weed-eating, helping people," said Paoli

But, Paoli said when they aren't beautifying neighborhoods, they're probably tossing a football around. Both play sports at Lawton High School.

Smith said it's important for them to do well in school and get the supplies that they need.

"So we can stay on our grades and be focused," said Smith. "And stay on task in school."

He said they have a lot of siblings and they're parents struggle to make ends meet.

One resident, Samuel Avritt, said he's pleased with the work they do.

"I admire them for coming out for a hot day like yesterday working," said Avritt. "Man, that takes real courage to do that"

"It's good to help people," said Smith. "I like to see smiles on people's faces."

Paoli said his hope is that people in the community will find it in their hearts to help them get the supplies they need and Avritt said they are the perfect group for the job.

"Let us cut their grass and help us make progress," said Paoli.

"These boys they are so nice and polite," said Avritt. "You can just tell by talking to them they are the real article. They really are, and I just love them!"

The group of boys is also raising money for their mother's birthday's June 12. If you would like to contact them to donate to their cause call Elijah at 580-713-3402.

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